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by Dawn R. Kaiser

Arizona Bankruptcy Petition Preparer,  AZCLDP# 80054

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Why over 4,500 people trust Arizona Bankruptcy Services by Dawn Kaiser:  

  Low One-Time Fee

  Extensive Experience

  Save money going with Dawn  instead of a high priced attorney.  Dawn has professionally specialized in Arizona bankruptcies since 1988. Everyone's situation is unique. Empathy and respect for each person is guaranteed.


Dawn R. Kaiser has been preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in Arizona for over 25 years. Dawn is an experienced certified legal document preparer for the State of Arizona and located in Phoenix. Dawn is not an attorney, and therefore cannot provide any legal advice.

As an Arizona Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, my job is to prepare your Petition and Schedules.   My fee for preparing these documents is $200.00, whether it be a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

We will have a total of three appointments to prepare your paperwork.  At the first appointment, I will give you worksheets to complete, give you the Court approved credit counseling classes that are required (these classes can be taken online or by phone and the cost for the class is nominal) and provide you with some bankruptcy notices from the Court.  We will sign a Contract for my services and retain.  My fee of $200 can be paid either in full at the first appointment, or if you would like a payment plan, you can pay $100 at the first appointment and $100 at the second appointment, whichever is more convenient for you.  Forms of payment accepted are check, cash, money order or certifed check.  Unfortunately, I am unable to take debit or credit card payment for Arizona bankruptcy preparation work.

At the second appointment we will review your completed worksheets, you will give me your first credit counseling certificate, and paystubs and/or other proof of income for the last six months.

At the third and final appointment, I will have the Arizona bankruptcy petition and schedules completed for your review.  We will both then sign the bankruptcy and I will give you the original and copy to take down to the court and file.  At the present time the filing fee for a Chapter 7 is $335.00 and the filing fee for a Chapter 13 is $310.00.  After you file your bankruptcy, the court will notify me of your case number and I will file the bankruptcy electronically.

Please contact Dawn in Phoenix for an Arizona bankruptcy appointment today! She can be reached directly at: 602-788-8900 or by email at:

Dawn Kaiser
10211 N. 32nd Street, Suite D-3
Phoenix, AZ 85028
602-788-8900 office
602-788-1530 fax

Dawn Kaiser is NOT AN ATTORNEY, and therefore cannot attend hearings on your behalf, nor offer any legal advice. The purpose of a paralegal and certified document preparer is to prepare legal documents at low cost, and provide procedural information only to clients. Should you wish to obtain legal advice, referrals to attorneys can be provided. You can find her on Google+.